Monday, July 19, 2010

Drypers Wee Wee DRY - The #1 Choice of Mums

Interactive Shelf Vision Banner: Mothers could flip the animals around to reveal their names. This serves as an educational tool for parents who shop with their children and builds on Drypers' brand proposition, "Good Quality, Good Value."

Event at Marina Square


Robinsons Expo Sale

To publicise Robinsons’ first Expo Sale in an interesting manner without damaging the value of the brand, we went for a retro fun theme. The campaign was executed in in press, radio, and outdoor advertising. Directional signs were also put up around Expo to direct shoppers to the hall, bringing the event to life memorably. The sale was a resounding success, with sales figures far exceeding expectations.

Robinsons 150th Anniversary Campaign

For Robinsons' grand anniversary in 2009, we created a memorable campaign that brought the retailer's rich history to life.

Teaser Ad
Press Ads

Store Display
Interactive Calendar: This premium was given away with every purchase of $200 and above.
Wildly popular with Robinsons' customers, it was snapped up in weeks.
Product Brochure

SingTel mio TV Guide

Some improvements we made to the TV Guide: the design was given an overhaul to look sleeker, a massive dose of personality was injected into the writing to engage readers, and informative content write-ups on movies and sports were provided to generate interest in the programmes. Our 1st issue was launched in May 2010. Our competitors played catch-up a month later.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

SingTel Champions League Semi-Finals Review

This press insert was commissioned to generate excitement for the UEFA Champions League 2009/10 Semi-Finals. Click on images to enlarge.